Covenant Community Church

A Global Borderless Kingdom Community

Welcome to Our Community!

It is with great honor that we welcome you to the website of Covenant Community Church in Fernandina Beach, FL. 

The ministry is more Kingdom oriented where a greater quality of laws, governance, and values are observed. We believe that the law manual is the Bible which serves as our guide; its understanding will provide kingdom advance in the earth. Covenant Community Church is the church where believers are equipped. 

Our goal is not to simply be a church for gathering people, but it is to be a ministry mechanism intentionally designed to develop and deploy people to victorious everyday living; empowering them to win. We seek to equip people to thrive in their family lives, spiritual living, and their marketplace effectiveness. Covenant Community is a church for all nations (ethnic groups) and where every LIFE matters. 

Our missions work is intentional on serving this generation and generations to come. We will educate, equip and empower young people to effectively compete in every facet of society--be it politics, sports, the sciences, law--we will prepare them.

If you live in the area or plan to visit, we invite you to worship with our Community. We hope to see you soon.

For the King and His Kingdom,
Grace Pinkney
Senior Leader