Covenant Community Church

A Global Borderless Kingdom Community

About Covenant Community Church

Covenant Community Church is a relationally-based ministry that believes and operates in the present truths that God is revealing to His Church, the Body of Christ. God has always and will continue to build a people that will demonstrate His patterns in all areas of life. 


At CCC we are committed to modeling a society that extends God’s agenda and patterns for life throughout all areas. Being personally reformed leads us to extend God’s agenda on local, corporate and global levels: political, economical, financial, environmental, emotional and social spheres; we are dedicated to being a Kingdom Community. The principles of a community are of key importance to the development of CCC. 


Our mission is to prioritize the focus of the local church and ministries to not only be a place of refuge and gathering, but an epic center for change. We endeavor to build for today while peeping prophetically into the future in order to craft our tomorrow.  


Our vision is to nurture and build disciples through repentance, fervent prayer, prophetic decrees, apostolic establishment, spiritual warfare, revelation, praise, worship and spirit life. 


Covenant Community Church submits to God, imploring Him to grant us the ability to carry His transforming life and power to all we touch and influence. We are committed to build local churches and ministries based upon these foundational principles: LOVE, COMMUNITY, FELLOWSHIP, EMPOWERMENT and RELEVANCE. 


The Spirit of God is transforming our motivations, orientations and specifically, the way we perceive the local church and our ministries. Not only is our church a place where people can gather together to worship and be refreshed, it is also the place where Kingdom strategies and goals are set and executed as believers are trained, activated and deployed into ministry.  

Covenant Community Church is where we gather; Kingdom Community Church is who we are!