Covenant Community Church

A Global Borderless Kingdom Community

Our Ministry Philosophy

  • To connect Kingdom communities across the earth through identification and acceptance of core apostolic grace and to create a global relational community gathered together in unified purpose and values to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth.
  • To be a place of reception, development, and proclamation of the current speaking of God to His Church in the earth and to be a pioneer for total and complete Reformation in the Global Church.
  • To redefine the parameters of revelation understanding of God’s Word for our generation and to publish and propagate the same in order to pass a measurable advance of the Kingdom in our time.
  • To provide a place of restoration, activation and commission for the local church and trans-local ministers through accountable relationships, protection, support, counseling, and impartation.
  • To release spirit-anointed leaders who disciple nations by bringing God’s voice to their learning experience.