Covenant Community Church

A Global Borderless Kingdom Community

Our Primary Objectives

  • To establish a strong, functioning Kingdom Community whose pattern is directed by the Lord. To incorporate the biblical pattern and leadership regarding team ministry.
  • To recognize and receive the foundation laying gifts of apostles and prophets along with other governmental gifts so that the community is established on a firm foundation and be brought to strength, faith, and maturity.
  • To demonstrate accurate Kingdom life, patterns for spiritual development, and engage in strategic initiatives for God’s Kingdom.
  • To promote a high level of personal holiness, deep commitment of faith, and strong allegiance to the Lord and His Word.
  • To establish lives based on obedience to the commands of God. To declare, proclaim and communicate our living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To accomplish all of God’s will for the community as revealed by the Holy Spirit, to the community of CCC in accordance with patterns found in the Bible.
  • To be a group of people who serve each other; who understand the strength and importance of corporate life; who refuse to live in isolation.