Covenant Community Church

A Global Borderless Kingdom Community

Our Strategies 

To help leaders build a firm foundation in Christ Jesus, grow to maturity in Him, and reproduce what they have learned into other people’s lives through Apostolic Reformation, Kingdom Education, and Global Networking underscoring the following primary Core Values that create our “Spherical Life Flow” or Circle of Influence:

Global Citizenship

We are a global borderless community building in covenant flow.

Apostolic Technology

We design and construct for “the finish” by accessing apostolic/prophetic grace and technology.


Nearness to God determines our accuracy through a measurable process of sight, migration, and transformation.

The Kingdom of God

We are epicenter of kingdom governance interfacing secular systems with the domain of Christ.


Building a Christ centered global community that is an epicenter of apostolic initiatives with power, secular interfaces, and Kingdom-life transformation.